Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gimme an "E" or
Dreamy's not the only one who can flirt

He ain't heavy, he's my Ultra-Boy

Legion of Super-Heroes #262, "The Planet That Captured The Legion"

At first I was just going to post the bottom half of the 1st page & the top three panels of the 2nd, but after reading them again, I had to post the full monty (plus it shows off more of Jim Sherman's art).

These pages really stick out in mind as fun. The Legion had recently been through some rough sh*t: The Earth War; Crazy Brainy trying to frame Ultra Boy and then destroying the Legion headquarters (which is what they are rebuilding in this scene); and the discovery their benefactor's, R.J. Brande, fortune had been stolen by the Earth Gov president. These panels just said, "No matter how bad it gets, this is the Legion."

Which was a good mantra to remember in the coming years since this issue occurred during the beginning of Gerry Conway's run on the Legion!!

Don't get me wrong, Conway has written plenty of stuff that I've liked (hell, he wrote those two pages and the rest of the issue was pretty good). But overall, his Legion stories just never "clicked" with me. Sorry Gerry!