Saturday, October 21, 2006

CAW Part VI or
Naughty Guardians Need Love Too!

Beefcake/Cheesecake Appreciation Week nears an end...

Since all my previous entries have been from either Green Lantern or The Legion, why not continue the trend?

So TPCM proudly presents....

Lianna, Guardian of the Bustier!
Is there enough material on her to even count as a bustier?

Green Lantern #160, "Offspring"

Instead of my usual ramblings, I've coaxed a very special guest, Mr. Johnny DC, out of retirement for an important public service announcement.

Johnny, thanks for helping out today.

"I'm always glad to help QL. It's swell to be here and you're a swell fellow.

Boys and girls, I want to talk to you about good clean living. Living an upstanding life is important not just because it's the moral thing to do, but also it's good for you.

Take Lianna up there. Years of long nights filled with drinking, smoking and recreational drugs led from a body like that to this:

Remember boys and girls, 'healthy living' or this could happen to you !"

Great job Johnny. And next time here at TPCM... "Hey, where the hell is my money!?! I wanna see a Franklin right now ! And where're the women and the booze? You said there'd be women here, you damn queermo. Who wrote that sh*t anyway? 'Healthy living' my ass!! I've read better copy written by Bates when he was tripping! Let me tell you... " Well readers, I should go and make sure Johnny gets his promised "honorarium" for the visit. And who knows, if I can scrounge up another hundred bucks, a fifth of Jack and a copy of "Debbie Does Dallas", maybe I can convince Johnny DC to stop by again.

Til next time,

Editor's Note: The photo of the female Guardian was taken from Green Lantern #4.


SallyP said...

Teehee. Boy, Lianna is just bustin' out all over. Thank goodness for double-stick tape...or gravity powers.

"Starman" Matt Morrison said...

Thankfully Lianna, like most things introduced during Judd Winick's GL run, is being mercifully ignored these days.

Queer Legion (QL) said...

SallyP: I hope for the sake of the environment, it wasn't double-sided tape. If so, there was a dump site somewhere full of empty rolls!

Starman: I figured she just got "age accelerated" with the rest of the bunch.