Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Halloween Fright, Legion-Style

The scariest thing you'll see on a comics blog
this Halloween or ever!

Not the Heart of Darkness totin' (already bat-sh*t crazy)
Jean Loring

Not the emo vampire,
Andrew Bennett of I, Vampire

Not even the Pre-COIE, possessed
Professor Lang!

No, ladies and gentleman,
I give you the most horrifying site
you will ever behold...

Steve Ditko's art on the Legion!!!


SallyP said...

Boy howdy, there ain't nothin' scarier than Cosmic Boy in his Space corset. Gah!

Blockade Boy said...

Sweet merciful Jeebus.

And I'd thought his Micronauts artwork was disturbing!

Queer Legion (QL) said...

SallyP: You silly thing you! Of course there's something scarier: Cosmic Boy wearing Saturn Girl's "bikini" costume!!!

BB: I've loved Ditko's work on many titles; the Legion was not one of them!! His style soooo didn't fit the Legion!